Friday, January 15, 2010

2010-01-13 Wednesday - Clayworks

I made the beginnings of a teapot and lots of tiny pots.  I like to make some tiny pots for several reasons:

1.  I generally lean towards making larger pots
2.  I like to take a break from pushing and pulling lots of clay
3.  I think the tiny pots "punctuate" the larger pots on the shelf

I didn't include the fact that they're just fun to make, but that goes without saying.  I like to have fun whenever possible.

Teapot body, spout and tiny pots.

More tiny pots.


Linda Starr said...

Hey those tiny pots do punctuate the larger one, very nice. Tiny ones are good to fit in the kiln too.

jbf said...

I also enjoy the different challenges they present --a whole different scale.