Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010-01-26 Tuesday - Empty Bowls and more pots

The bowls I made for the Empty Bowls event came out of the glaze kiln and I like some of the combos I used.  Look for some of these on future pots.  You can check out the whole batch here.

After documenting the glazes, I got to work on some new pots.  I made another heavily textured pot using phoenix (the last one was orangestone) and tried some shapes for a soup bowl with a mug handle that someone asked me for.  I also made another casserole with a (hopefully) less-domed lid than the last one.

I left the other pots out to dry a bit so it looks like I have a table full of work, but some of it was from the weekend.  My shelf is bowing under the weight of all my pots and reclaimed clay buckets and since I am on the top shelf, people below me are understandably nervous.

While I sometimes daydream about a day I can afford to become a member and have a whole set of shelves to fill, having one shelf really makes me think creatively about how to fit everything on it.  I always have things hanging off the shelf or teetering on top of containers that make people nervous.  I like living on the edge (of the shelf).

I really like this one.
I have to figure out which rim dip it was.

 I like the spotting on the rim.

 This one went well.

 All I did was dip the rim in black
and it dripped pretty uniformly.

 Another heavily textured pot.

Soup bowl awaiting mug handle.
I need to work on this shape more.

Another casserole with the lid behind it to the left.
The rogues gallery.

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