Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010-01-21 Thursday

Thursday I went to Clayworks to glaze my Empty Bowls and make some more pots.

The Empty Bowls project is a great way to try out new forms and glaze combos.  I haven't gone crazy with the shapes, but I can really tweak some of the lines and textures that I haven't tried yet.  The glazing is another area I can play with and I tried some new combos on some of the newer glazes with some tried and true ones.  I'll post pictures of the finished pots to show what happened to them.  The best part is they go to a very good cause and I am honored to be a part of it.

Later I threw some pots and tried out a new texture idea.  The first one is textured using the 'seashell' technique of scraping it with the seashell.  On the second pot I used the plastic serrated tool and 'squiggled' it in columns around the whole pot.  Each of these pots start out as straight cylinders.  I then score the outside of it, then only push it out from the inside without touching the exterior.  Next I put a lip and a foot on them.  On the first one I actually rolled the lip down and reattached it to the pot.  The second on was pulled up and then scored with a wooden tool.  I really enjoy working with these textures and look forward to exploring more of them.  A big thanks to Adrienne Dellinger for teaching this technique to me all those years ago.

Glazed Empty Bowls waiting to be loaded.

My glaze tool caddy has everything, including marbles.

Two pots with textures.

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