Friday, December 18, 2009

2009-12-17 Thursday - Raku at Clayworks

We had a raku firing at Clayworks tonight and while it was a bit chilly, it went well and everyone had a good time.  Amy brought lots of snacks, we had wine, and lots of laughs.

We didn't have too many pieces to fire tonight, but the first firing took a long time since we were having so much fun socializing.  Julie and Greg were loading the gas kiln.  They work so well as a team there was nothing for any of us to do but stay out of their way.

Elaine and Paul.

Greg and Becky.

Nick and Pan.

Nick's planter.
(And you think I use lots of marbles!)

Elaine smoking her cat in sawdust.

Elaine dusting the smoldering sawdust off her cat.

Amy, Julie, Becky, and Greg having some libations.

Nick's unique planters.
Did I mention Nick is a botanist?


ang said...

hey looks like a fun night...some super results too..

Linda Starr said...

there's always something going on at Clayworks, I am so envious. Love Nicke's planters. the right kiln shelf looks like the leaning tower of pisa.

jbf said...

I couldn't even post all of the results since some of the pieces are top secret.

We try to keep it interesting. I take that back --we have such a great group of people that we don't have to try. :8^)

Nick's work is truly unique. I wish I had captured more of his progression since he has gone through many different designs and styles. He has a new planter waiting to be bisqued that is inspired by bamboo. Amazing.

That right shelf does look a bit wonky, but you should have seen the front left at the end of the load. I hope it makes it. Let's hope there's no tremors.

Becky said...

It was a truly fantastic night! And much of it was made possible by you! Thank you! And thanks for keeping the Top Secret stuff secret. :)

Amy said...

what a fun night! great pics. I can hardly wait until the pots come out of the kiln.

jbf said...

It was a blast. Thanks and you're welcome. :8^)

It was great! Thanks for all the yummy snacks! Sunday will be a good day.

distresseddamsel said...

This is the first time I've seen a kiln? I'm not really sure how you call it. I've tried my hand at making clay sculptures before, and instead of firing them, I baked them under the noonday sun for a week. Anyway, I am amused with the planters because they remind me of those filing boxes I made for my office many years back.

jbf said...

I think the kiln firing makes the pots a bit harder than the sun can. The kiln gets fired up to ~2330 degrees.