Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009-12-15 Tuesday - Clayworks

I got to Clayworks late on Tuesday night and I had lots of work to do.  I saw Becky and Susan as they were leaving and then had the studio all to myself.  I began by glazing some ^10 and ^5 work I had not finished and spent more time glazing than I planned --go figure.  These days I get into a different space when I'm glazing and time just flies by before I know it.  I'm trying to tread the fine line between having a design in mind when I start and keeping my mind open to new ideas during the process.  My next goal is to be so at home with the making and glazing processes that I am thinking about the glazes I will use while I'm making the pot the way Greg talks about in class.  One day, maybe...

I also trimmed some "Empty Bowls" and some yunomi but forgot to take pictures of them.

Another "crackle" pot.
Phoenix with black slip and amber celadon glaze sprayed on it.
A marble is perched on the lid handle.

The scene of the spraying.  It makes quite a mess.

Other glazed pots.

I'm interested to see how this wax on top of the shino works.
It should "ghost" nicely if there is enough reduction.


Linda Starr said...

Great pot with the marble. Does the glass ever explode in the kiln? Do you glue it on? that last pot looks like winner, curious to see how it turns out.

Jerry said...

Can't wait to see the wax resist shino pot. That always (knock wood) gives great results. I also like finger swipes through wet shino to give some contrast. Keep us posted!

jbf said...

Thanks! No explosions so far, it just melts. On this pot I have dipped the marble in amber celadon and placed it in an indent I made in the knob. I then used my finger to drip more amber celadon over the marble so it would run down and "dry" it in place. I'm curious too since it all depends on how much atmospheric reduction we achieve in the firing. Without that the wax lines probably won't show up much at all.

I like it when it works. Without much atmospheric reduction it might only be a smear. I love shino finger swipes and have done several pieces with them. I don't know when these pieces will be fired and there's a really good chance it will be next year, but stay tuned.