Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2009-12-02 Wednesday - Raptor in the Yard

We have a hawk (I think it's a hawk) living in our neighborhood and I caught it in our tree today.  I have seen this bird around for a while now and the squirrels live in fear of it.  I find striped feathers in the yard sometimes so I know there is some hunting happening even though it seems like our squirrel population doubles every year.

Sorry about the light quality, but it was a cold, rainy, miserable kind of day, so the light was horrible when I tried to capture an image of it.

Over the driveway scanning.

Same picture after lightening in Picasa.
Notice the fungus on the limb.  It came down a few days later.

Where I was actually taking the pictures from our front window.
I love my zoom (20x).

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