Friday, December 25, 2009

2009-12-24 Thursday - Christmas Eve

Here's hoping everyone has a 
Merry Christmas! 

I hope your holiday is safe, warm and happy with friends and family close by wherever you are this year.

Tuesday night on the way to Clayworks I started playing with a poem for the studio.  It made me chuckle and several people told me I should write it down, so here goes:

'Twas the night before Christmas
Hanukkah if you'd rather
it could've been Kwanzaa,
it just doesn't matter.

The holiday season
was on us full bore
and nary a potter
came through the door.

The kilns were all quiet
the wheels, they were still
we wanted to go there
but we hadn't the will.

We'd filled up on
fruitcake, cookies and sushi
we just sat in our chairs
and felt kind of mushy.

Visions of pottery
danced in our heads
trimmings and glazings,
some of them red.

We thought of new pieces
that we wanted to do
some of them conceived
in two thousand and two.

This year is almost
"remember when?"
Here's to good pottery
in two thousand ten.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

visions of pottery, ha!

jbf said...

Merry Christmas!

Angela said...

I LOVE it.

You gotta post this at the studio.

Team Muddy Fun T-shirts are still in my plans.

Happy New Year John!

jbf said...

Thanks, but it may be a bit late now. :8^)

Let's talk about those Team Muddy Fun shirts. That would be a fun project. I'd LOVE to see some Clayworks shirts, and we DEFINITELY have to make some for the moving crew.

HNY to you too!