Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Happy 4th

We were lucky to get a call on July 2nd from our friends Tom and Lisa. It turns out that they had access to four extra tickets (from Lisa's brother --Thanks Bob!) to the Knights baseball game against the Durham Bulls. The July 4th game gets sold out way in advance because they have a great fireworks display after the game, and this year was no exception. We met them and their kids, Christopher and Daniel at the stadium. We all sat with Bob and his family in very good seats. (Thanks again, Bob!)

The game was disappointing since the Knights lost (again) 2-1. I have never been there when they've won and it turns out, neither has Tom. Maybe they would pay us not to attend...

The fireworks were amazing and lasted over twenty minutes. You can see more of my fireworks photos here.

We had fun during and after the game...

To top off the evening we ended up at Sonic at 1:00 am because Stephanie wanted ice cream. She proceeded to eat a hot fudge sundae and tater tots. (It actually wasn't that bad a combination --I had some too!)

To good friends and good times...
I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th!

While writing this entry I am waiting for my cone 010 bisque kiln to kick off. I am firing my pinched pots for the barrel firing with Becky and Elaine on the 12th. It should be fun.

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