Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Early morning Tuesday

Here's a picture of the coffee pots at WaWa. I told you there were a lot of them. We stopped in this morning at about 7:15 on the way to the Duke of Fluke fishing boat. It's an over-sized deck boat that goes out (mostly) for flounder. Unfortunately, we missed the boat since it filled up early. We'll try again tomorrow.

Instead we went to Uncle Bill's for breakfast. Mmm, good stuff.

Meredith (hiding), nephew Justin, niece Audrey,
sister-in-law Eva, brother-in-law Scott

Nephew Ryan, Stephanie, nephew Justin, niece Audrey

Karen's arm --and waitress with the FOOD.

"Kelly's Favorite"

Strawberry pancakes

Bacon and cheese omelette

'Sall about the food.


Ron said...

Man, I'm hungry now!

Becky said...

We had a lobster and swiss cheese omelet in Portland this past weekend...at a place called Becky's Diner!
(Why oh why didn't I buy a tee-shirt?)

The omelet was incredible!

jbf said...

Sounds wonderful. You didn't get a t-shirt?!?! Can't believe it.

Hmm... lobster and swiss omelette. I have to think about variations on that --maybe sea legs or shrimp.