Monday, July 21, 2008

Gottahava WaWa

I feel sorry for anyone who has not experienced a WaWa. It's a food market/convenience store that we go to in PA, southern NJ and northern VA. They always have upwards of twenty pots of coffee going at any hour of the day or night. They have a "fixins bar" with every conceivable hot drink addition from flavored creamers to honey for your tea. Can you imagine a twenty-four ounce coffee costs less than two dollars!

They also have great subs, Philadelphia-style soft pretzels, breakfast sandwiches, and just about anything else you might need on the road.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with WaWa apart from being a very satisfied customer.


Elaine Spallone said...

I remember those from NJ, but refused to SAY it or go in there!!! And in six years, never did. Little did I know what I missed!

Amy said...

I grew up in southeastern PA and I know exactly what Wawa is! Their prices are tons better than Starbucks... Have fun at the shore. Hope your foot gets better!

jbf said...

I'm hooked on WaWa (which I usually call WooWoo) and I only drink decaf!

Elaine, sorry you missed it.

Amy, I bought 4 24oz coffees today for just over $6. Not bad. Thanks for the good thoughts.