Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We made it to the Duke of Fluke in plenty of time today. The morning was very calm, cool and a welcome relief from yesterday's sweltering heat and humidity. Today worked out better than yesterday, if only for the weather.

7:00 am at the Duke of Fluke.

The birds are always waiting for bait.

Nephew Ryan
Brother-in-law Scott
Nephew Justin

We were in and out of the fog all morning, so it was pretty cool and comfortable for a change. We did the best we ever have on the Duke. It started out slow, but we found some great fishing for the second half of our trip. We caught lots of flounder but they have to be eighteen inches long or greater to be "keepers" and there were only three of those pulled into the boat.

All too soon (four hours later) it was time to put the fishing gear up and head back to the dock. You can bet we will be back to try again next year.

We had to skip breakfast to make the boat, so after we hit land it was off to Uncle Bill's for a nice big breakfast!

Kristy was our waitress and we had a lot of fun kidding with her. She was afraid she was going to pour coffee all over her hand while my camera hesitated taking this picture.

Ahh, pancakes, eggs over easy and corned beef hash. It just could be heaven with a cup of hot tea.

I found out today that Uncle Bill's now does lunch and they have the Texas Tommy that I saw on a PBS show. Get this: It's a hot dog that is split lengthwise with a slice of cheddar cheese inserted and wrapped in two slices of bacon. Now, deep fry the whole thing! Not very healthy, but I do want to try it once. If I get one I'll let you know how it was.


Ron said...

OMG! That Texas Tommy sounds like something you'd get at the Cleveland County Fair. You've got to get one!

jbf said...

I need to get to the Cleveland County Fair this year. I used to go to the Cabarrus County Fair every year and the last year I went I got a deep-fried Milky Way bar. It's like a warm chocolate chip cookie ON STEROIDS.

I am planning on having a Texas Tommy tomorrow for lunch.

I'll report my findings.