Sunday, June 29, 2008


Met Becky at the studio last night and made some pinch pots for the barrel firing that Becky and Elaine are planning. I need to get them burnished and bisque-fired before the 12th so they are ready for the barrel.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is so interesting! i think i'm getting the courage to create my own, even though I am new at all this... thanks for inviting me to check it out. oh, and i'm doing the barrel firing too--- it will be my first! - Amy

Elaine Spallone said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! the big 50, I had forgotten this was a milestone year for you too!! So when I turn 50, you'll be 60!!!! Glad we all went together to Ron's today, it was fun!

Becky said...

They are most barrel-esque!!! Up to you but maybe you might want to burnish two and leave two naked. See what the fire likes best? Glad you're in.Should be a mega fun day.

jbf said...

Amy - thanks! C'mon in, the water's fine!

Elaine - thanks for the bday wishes. I hope we're still at Clayworks in ten years! We can celebrate together. Thanks, I had a great time today.

Becky - "barrel-esque"? Was that a period? Good idea about the naked and the burnished. Thanks, looking forward to it.