Sunday, June 29, 2008

Shopping on the hill

Today I went with Elaine and Becky to Ron Philbeck's Summer Sale. Ron showcased all his great work in his wonderful studio and showroom space. With all the outstanding pieces, it was very hard to make choices on what to buy. I will post pictures of my purchases later.

We got to see Ron's workspace, his kilns, and even a tour of his house along with some of the great pots he's collected. We also got to meet Ron's wife Sarah's mom and aunt. Thanks Ron!

Clockwise: Ron, Becky, and Elaine

Ron's kiln shed

Becky presenting Ron's kilns

A friendly dragonfly stopped in...

I had a great time. Thanks Ron! Elaine and Becky, thanks for letting me crash your plans and thanks for driving, Elaine!


Becky said...

Oh no! Does Vanna White hold her readers in one hand on Wheel of Fortune? That aside, it was a GREAT day wasn't it?

jbf said...

Maybe she can't even see the letters --who knows?

It WAS. Thanks for including me.