Friday, June 27, 2008

Son of Glaze-A-Thon # 42

Wednesday night I met Greg and Joe at the studio to get some major glazing done.

I had a lot of pots waiting for some clothing and I'm pleased to say I got almost all of them finished. (That's Greg furiously creating.)

Greg's pots take on a life of their own and seem to have a story to tell before he even glazes them.
Joe brought some beautifully thrown pots to the glaze-a-thon.

After getting cleaned up it was ~12:45 am. A late night even for us.

I used to really hate the glazing part of the process --it was just an annoyance that got in the way of my throwing, but my darn shelf kept filling up. Now, mostly thanks to Greg, I appreciate the creative options I have at the glaze table. While I may put off glazing because it is still a lot of work, I enjoy it as an equally creative part of the process of making pots.

Greg treats each pot as a canvas and he works his magic as if the glazes were paints on his palette. His knowledge of the chemical properties of the glazes and how they'll react never ceases to amaze me. He's definitely working with both hemispheres of his brain. His pots always have plenty of surface interest before he gets to the first glaze bucket. His glazing further enhances the way you experience his pots.

Joe starts off with a much smoother canvas and creates a multi-layered organic mural on his pieces using all the available tools. He can take the simplest thrown form and give it a great depth and presence with his choice of colors and application. It's amazing to watch.

I glaze pots.

I'm working on some ideas to make it a bit more interesting and I'm always trying new techniques. Stay tuned.

As you might expect, scheduling glazing time with Joe and Greg really enhances my glazing experience. I get to watch them and feed off all their creative energy as well as spend some time with a couple of my good friends.


Becky said...

What a great post, John! It will be quite a treat to see yours, Joe's and Greg's pieces once they come out of the kiln. And now I'm chomping at the bit to start Greg's surface design class this Weds.

jbf said...

You need to join us next time for number 43.