Saturday, June 21, 2008


A person I consider a true friend for many (too many!) years found this picture several months ago and emailed it to me. It is a photo of me and my two friends on our senior class trip in 1976 to NYC (we lived in NJ). We started our trip at ~2:00 am because our first stop, the Fulton Fish Market opened at 3:00 am. After several more stops we were waiting for the ferry to Liberty Island when Penni snapped this picture of us. From left to right, it's me, Leo who now lives on the North Shore in Hawaii, and Dave who left us in 1991.

Lately I have found myself looking at this picture often, trying to recapture those feelings. Maybe it's because I have a milestone birthday coming at me. Don't get me wrong --I'm not depressed, just a bit introspective.

Leo and I still talk once every week or two (there's a five-hour time difference to Hawaii) and I wouldn't miss one of those conversations. We may be getting (way) older, but when we get together we can be just as silly as we were in high school and I won't give that up. It's one of those things that keeps us young. Some things don't change, thank God.

Other things do change. Hell, they even moved the Fulton Fish Market (after 188 years).

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