Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016-06-08 - Wednesday - Flowers and fires and clay

Wednesday I stopped to check on our Rose of Sharon hibiscus. It's very happy and blooming quietly in the corner of the fence. Not bad for a volunteer. I really like this plant. The blooms only last a day but there are hundreds of them. It's a very happy plant.

In the evening I was at Clayworks. I know, go figure.

Greg was firing the raku kiln and I caught him standing behind the flame. He looks like some sorcerer casting a spell. If you've seen any of his raku pieces you know that's a pretty accurate description.

I went inside and threw a lump of Pure Catawba clay from STARworks. My friend John Freeman gave me a piece to try and I really liked throwing it. The way it held the texture and got crackly without having to use sodium silicate was surprising. I may have to purchase some of this to explore it further.

The little guy was made from the trimmings of the large one. Waste not the dirt.


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