Sunday, June 5, 2016

2016-06-02 - Thursday - Crown and elderberry and fungus

On Sunday night I bit down on a gumdrop and broke one of the large fillings I have in my back teeth. They have served me well for many years but they are starting to deteriorate and need crowns. Sunday night one of them gave up. Of course it was very late at night on a holiday weekend because that's when these things happen.

I immediately started chewing on the left side of my mouth and called my dentist on Tuesday. Luckily he could fit me in on Thursday.

It was while I was lying there looking up at the light that I realized I've spent a lot of my life in a dentist's chair. I've had a lot of fillings and before that, space maintainers when I lost some of my first teeth too soon. Sometimes I wish I could tally up all the time I've spent there, but I'm probably glad I can't.

When I mentioned that I'd taken a photo while he was out of the room and asked if I could use it on my blog he asked for the camera and took some photos from his perspective.

He said, "Open wide". Wow, now I feel sorry for him having to look at that scary face while he's working.

It's nice to have a dentist with a sense of humor. I highly recommend it.

Later on when I was in the yard with Binkley I noticed that one of the of the elderberry stumps was loose so I pulled it out and found a bunch of fungus on the bottom. There was also a piece of honeysuckle stuck in it and I thought the combination of colors and textures made an interesting composition.



penni said...

You are brave and have a very good sense of humor too! thanks for the smile today!

jbf said...

I'm not sure about the bravery or the sense of humor, but I usually amuse myself. Life's too short not to. Glad I made you smile too.