Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016-06-07 - Tuesday - High Museum

Tuesday, I had a nice breakfast with Karen in the hotel, did some work in the room, and then walked the four blocks to the High Museum of Art. I checked out the permanent collection and then spent a long time in the Vik Muniz exhibit.

Mark Rothko

Peter Voulkos

Peter Voulkos

Deborah Butterfield

...and then it was time to get lost in the Vik Muniz exhibit for a while. The breadth of his creativity is amazing. He does portraits in black beans, caviar, peanut butter and jelly, junk, powdered pigments, magazine photos, dirt, sugar, and on, and on.

He's done huge arrangements of junk and photographed it from two or three stories up. He worked with an MIT pioneer to use a laser to engrave sand castles on single grains of sand and then photographed them with a microscope. From there he used bulldozers on a plain to make huge sketches and took aerial photographs of them.

What scale. What an inventive mind without boundaries.

Using plastic army men.

Full piece.

Detail 1

Detail 2


Frank's caviar


Dracula's caviar




Out in the courtyard...

House III by Roy Lichtenstein
This sculpture changes perspective as you walk past it.

On my walk back to the hotel I couldn't resist grabbing some snapshots of midtown. It's very photogenic.


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