Monday, February 24, 2014

2014-02-19 - Wednesday - Bowls and trips and such

Got my last bowls back from the firing and was pleased with the new things I tried.

I ran by Clayworks to pick up the Bowling for Dollars bowls and take them to Shelby.  The Bowling for Dollars event was scheduled for the next day so I had to get them there at the last minute thanks to the bad weather we had last week.

Ju-Ian walked into the studio just as I was getting ready to leave.  She wanted to see the Treasures of the Earth show at the Cleveland County Arts Council so she accompanied me on my trip.  We enjoyed the ride and the show but had to hurry back to Charlotte since Ju-Ian had supper plans and I had to get to class.

Last of my 2014 bowls.

Planning on a major handle for pot on the left.
Wasn't crazy about the other one so I started a face on it.


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