Sunday, February 23, 2014

2014-02-17 - Monday - Let it go

Monday I attempted another two-piece pot but it was not to be.

Every pot is a learning experience and some are more instructional than others.  I put these two pieces together and messed with the resulting pot for quite a while.  It went through many changes until I completely hated what it had become.

One of the biggest lessons to learn is when to walk away from a pot.  That moment when you decide you hate it, you're frustrated, (and most importantly) you can't fix it.

  • Every pot is not precious.  
  • Every pot is not going to be the last one.  
  • Clay is very reusable.
  • Sometimes it's better to put back in the bag and move on to something else.

I did and was rewarded with a couple of nice pots.

Two pieces from Saturday.

Together and over-worked until

Not very even wall thickness after
cutting it in half.

Instead I made two crackle pots and felt productive.


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