Friday, March 12, 2010

2010-03-06 Saturday

I was at the studio Saturday to help unload the kiln and saw a lot of activity as usual.

The "Bird Lady of Clayworks" (Becky) was there decorating some her flock.  The flock has swelled quite a bit, which you would expect in the Spring time.  Her birds are amazing and I don't know how she makes each one seem as fresh and alive as the last.  She's got some sales coming up, including the multi-artist sale at Goneaway Pottery on March 27, 2010.  (shameless plug)

Becky organizing her flock.

They get several different types of treatment.

A resting point on their migration from shelf to kiln.

Some are late leaving for migration.

Apparently good stuff in the aviary.

I caught Chris glazing.

Some of my new pieces.

Tiny pots and butter dishes.

Open butter dish.
The trays have a design on them.

Another example.

Different view.

Heavily textured pot.

Medium textured pot.

Different textured pot.
(There might be a theme here...)

Becky and Susan sussing out the kiln controls.


Linda Starr said...

Your textured pots are looking great, and all the rest too. Becky really excels with her birds, I just loved the last batch she made with the horsehair and various colors.

jbf said...

Thanks! Short attention span potter trying different things every 1.2367 days. :8^)

Becky is an amazing bird wrangler. Each one has so much life in it that it feels like it could fly away any minute. While I don't want to call any one style of them my favorites, I am also partial to her horsehair birds.