Thursday, March 4, 2010

2010-02-26 Friday - Empty Bowls 2010

I finally attended the Empty Bowls luncheon this year (thanks Becky!).  I met Becky, Elaine, and Susan there for a fine time of charity, fellowship, lunch, and art.  We saw several other people there from Clayworks, some of them working in the lobby doing demos.  There were great conversations, door prize drawings, a silent auction and lots of hope.

First, you pick your bowl.

Gosh, you never know
who's going to show up at these things.

More bowls from which to choose.

Adrienne was demoing at the wheel.
(Elaine was kind enough to hold my bowl
(in her left hand) while I snapped some photos.)

 Julie was there too.
Demoing and answering questions.

 Hands in clay.

 The buffet line.

 Some of the buffeters.

 Elaine, Becky, me, and Susan.

 Kathy and Ann.

 Andrew from Pottery Central was also demoing.

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