Friday, March 12, 2010

2010-03-11 Thursday - The Flu 2010

I was fortunate enough to catch the flu this week so I have had some time (some of it lucid) on my hands.  Most of my time has been spent sleeping with the strangest dreams (even by bizarre dream standards), but I have been up and about the house at times.  I am now kicking hard back towards the surface and hope to be past this soon.

All this moss and lichen, is this in some primeval forest?

Nope, it's our front yard.

As soon as you get the camera out
everyone wants to get into the act.


Linda Starr said...

Sorry about the flu, you have some really nice trees in your front yard, love the lichen and moss, what a great glaze that would be, eh?

jbf said...

Thanks, getting better by the hour.

I love these trees and they were one of the biggest draws to this house. Our last house had builder-planted trees that were under 20ft. tall.

I often look at those trees and wish I could recreate that in the surface of a pot. Great minds think alike, eh?