Monday, August 24, 2009

2009-08-23 Sunday - Clayworks

I went into Clayworks for a while on Saturday AND Sunday this weekend. I got a lot done (but never as much as I wished to accomplish). It was great to feel productive after being so washed out by the heat in the studio lately.

I finished up most of my orangestone and switched to earthen red to make some more mugs and and "paintable" pots. Unfortunately my reclaimed porcelain (helios) is not quite ready --it still has the consistency and look of vanilla icing. I enjoy working with all different types of clay. Each clay influences the type of pots I throw, but I love to mix it up. I was thinking this afternoon that I haven't seen anyone make really tall pots in earthen red, so I'll have to try it.

Not a bad afternoon's work.

When I got home from Clayworks I went out to put some watermelon rinds in the compost pile and saw some more fungus. It's everywhere this year with all the rain we've had.

The old pallet I use to keep the dog
from running through the compost pile.

It's a whole forest in miniature.

While I was out there I thought
I'd document the tomatoes.

Still in progress.
So many tomatoes, so little time.

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