Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2009-08-04 Tuesday - Veggie Day Two

We received our second box of organic fruits and vegetables from Absolute Organics today. It is quite a mixture:

2 eaSweet potatoes
1 pintGrape tomatoes
1 lbRed Grapes
6 ozBlackberries
3 eaEars of corn
1 bagGreen beans
4 eaBananas
1 headRomaine lettuce
1 headCelery
5 eaGala Apples

We bought more HUGE tomatoes, peaches, and a cantaloupe at the farmer's market on Saturday.

Summer is amazing. {burp}

(If anyone wants give Absolute Organics a try be sure to tell them I sent you!)


Amy said...

yum... organic food. How interesting!

Becky said...

It all look s good except the sweet potatoes. I yam not a fan of those. ;)

jbf said...

Pretty yummy, too.

I yam what I yam. Love sweet potatoes --baked, fried, mashed, grilled...

As for you, I guess you are already sweet enough. I need the sugar. :^)

Have fun in Penland and tell us all about it!