Saturday, August 8, 2009

2009-07-29 Wednesday - Studio Time

Got to the studio Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Finished up the first batch of bottles Joe showed me how to make. Thanks Joe! I really like these forms. I also threw a neck on my stretched pot to finish it off.

It is mighty warm in the studio at this time of year. I keep hoping it will lead to weight loss, but so far it hasn't helped me or my pots.

Bottles a' la Joe.

My stretched pot with a thrown neck.

Storm clouds at sunset in back of the studio.

A 20x zoom can capture quite a lot (even at ~240,000 miles).
Click on the image to see the detail.


Jerry said...

I absolutely LOVE those bottles. How are they made? Bottoms thrown, altered and then the tops slapped on, then a thrown neck added? Very nice stuff!

jbf said...

You've got the whole procedure. Make sure to throw them pretty wonky (that's the hardest part for me: intentional wonkiness). Tops are indeed "slapped on". I use the back of a wooden spoon to slap the edges down. After that, just decorate the heck out of them and don't be afraid to add some slip for texture.

Most important part: Have fun.

Joe usually rakus his and sometimes sprinkles glass pellets on the wet glaze. They really finish spectacularly. I would settle for half the results he gets.