Saturday, August 16, 2008

Peter Rose workshop

I joined several people from Clayworks for the Peter Rose workshop at the Rock Hill Pottery Center, in Rock Hill, SC. It was a magical time. Peter is a wonderful teacher with a great sense of humor. He taught us useful throwing techniques, how to make plaster molds, and how he creates his animals from thrown and press-molded pieces. He also gave us a rich background in ceramic history, both worldwide and in our own back yard. I highly recommend his workshop to anyone doing anything in clay.

The Bob Hasselle and the folks at the Rock Hill Pottery Center were great hosts. They made us feel right at home throughout our visit and fed us a fine lunch. Bob has some phenomenal pieces on display for sale there. You can read more about Bob's impressive background and see some of his work here, here, here, and here.

Becky, just glad to make it to Rock Hill
in one piece after my driving.

The Tom S. Gettys building.
Check out the feet on that lamp post.

Side doors. Cool doors.

This must be the place.

Peter making bottles to warm up.

Throwing lids off the hump.

Pressing clay into the dog's head mold.

Some of the pieces that will become a dog.

The body and legs are assembled.

The neck is added.

The head is next.

Peter really enjoys his work.

What a proud tail.

The whole picture.

Now Peter will let it rest under plastic for about a week and start decorating it. It was amazing to watch and I wish Knoxville wasn't so far away.

I'll be heading back to the Rock Hill Pottery Center soon.


Here's more pictures courtesy of Becky. Thanks Becky!


Becky said...

What a wonderful wonderful day!!!! Thanks for the trip to Rock Hill! Can't wait to see what happens to your pieces in the BF #3 manana.

jbf said...

It WAS wonderful, wasn't it? Thanks, I always look forward to your pieces.