Monday, August 4, 2008

Good Taste

I found this clip on Emily Murphy's blog and just had to share it. If you're not familiar with Ira Glass or This American Life, it's a radio show Ira hosts from Chicago Public Radio. Check it out. This clip really spoke to me and Ira can communicate the point better than I ever could. Thanks Emily.

After all the years I've been making pots, I am only to the point where I can see the other side of the gap. Now I have to try harder than ever to get there.


Becky said...

Boy, if YOU have to try harder than ever, I'M REALLY gonna have to pound away at it. *repeats after self "I must be fierce, I must be a warrior" *

Great clip though!

jbf said...

C'mon, you sculpt rings around me and you're throwing wonderful things. I think I have to catch up to you.

Elaine Spallone said...

AWESOME!!! I love this!! Such a reminder! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I have loved Ira Glass anyhow....what a relief....and I am more committed than EVER!!!!! Let's do 2 barrel firings a month. (JUST kidding!!) I think we are on a great rate at 1/month! And just think make MORE STUFF., fun is that!!! Yahoooo!

jbf said...

Elaine, you need to bring your enthusiasm level up just a tad. :^)

It is nice to know that everyone goes through it, isn't it?

"Must make more pots..."