Friday, August 22, 2008

Barrel Firing # 3

Barrel Firing # 3 roared (literally) through on Sunday.

Most of the "regulars" were there and they came to burn stuff. Elaine, Becky, Minke, Cindy, and I got to play with dirt in the fire once again.

First, the preparations.

Copper sulfate, carbonate,
and iron --oh my.

Loading and laughing.

Work, work, work.

The pots piled in.

Elaine strikes the match.

It's catching.

Too hot to be next to it.

A conflagration.

Now we stoke, watch, and wait.

While we let the magic happen inside the barrel, we worked on other projects. Elaine pinched some pots, Minke worked on a sculpture, Becky and Cindy threw parts for animals, and I worked on our light box for taking photos of our pots. After several hours, it's time to check our firing progress.

Becky and Elaine check to see if
everything is finished burning.

Looks pretty good.
There's a lot of nice color on
the visible pots.

Elaine says it's still too hot to unload.

Becky the blogger hard at work.

Treasures cooling on the concrete.

More wonderful pieces made with fire.

Minke's ladies got some great color.

Elaine had the largest piece in
the firing and it came out great.

Cindy's cat liked the heat.

Elaine showing one of her
beautiful pots.

The pot I decorated with my
"parking lot sigillata".

One of Becky's wonderful birds.

Elaine gets great results with her
Chore Boys.

"Look right here.."
Yes, it's beautiful.

It was another great firing with a lot of creativity, fellowship, and fun. I'm already looking forward to BF#4!

Thanks everyone!

As usual, you can see more pictures of BF#3 over at Becky's blog.


Becky said...

John! You are the Master photo-blogger! What great pix! I love your parking lot terra sig pot. Hope you had a great weekend.

jbf said...

I don't know about master, but thanks. I DID have a great weekend. Thanks for being part of it.

Elaine Spallone said...

Yes you are master documentarian!! How fun. Thank you for all your help during the firing. I am glad you are getting great results too! Go PLTS (parking lot terra sig!)

jbf said...

Thank YOU Elaine for all your great ideas and help with the whole process. I'm always amazed at what you and Becky come up with. I can't wait to see the ingredient list for next time. "Eye of newt..."

Hey, maybe we can use some of that okra. :^)

Becky said...

Oh no. I would never ask a newt to give up its eye. But okra??? I think we can pile that on!!!