Saturday, August 30, 2008

Late Summer Cleaning

I got ambitious today and decided to clean out my "work room" which had become my "storage room". I spent most of the afternoon at the task, but it's getting there.

My kiln at one end.

My wheel at the other.
(It's right there behind the table saw and the bikes.)

Closer view of the wheel.
(One of the coiled pots I made with Dave
is in the bottom of the frame.)

Closeup of the coiled pot.

Stephanie caught checking up on dad.

In the next couple of weekends I hope to get the bikes out of there and hung up in the main part of the garage. Maybe someday I can actually work on some pots out there. I am thinking about mounting some wheels on the frame for the pottery wheel so I can move it out in the driveway on nice days. We'll see...


Elaine Spallone said...

is stephanie drinking some kind of ice cream concoction? (sp?)

clearing out, getting ready for 100!!

jbf said...

Nope, just grape juice.

We took her to Sonic tonight since she was determined to try their Fried Ice Cream Blast. In our combined opinion, don't bother.

I've never thrown anything at home. It is my ambition to do it someday.