Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015-07-28 - Tuesday - Fishing

Tuesday a bunch of us went flounder fishing on the Duke o' Fluke. It's a tradition that we've kept up for at least 15 years. We usually don't catch a keeper (since NJ says it has to be 18 inches long), but it's still a fun four hour trip.

On this day I caught 8 flounder, 2 sea robins, and a sea bass, but no keepers. It was a good day with lots of action.

This year was a little different as nephews Justin and Ryan went, and also Adam (niece Audrey's beau) and Brett (Stephanie's beau).

Afterwards we went to Uncle Bill's for a Texas Tommy. Good stuff.

Brett, Adam, Justin (Ryan was at the stern)

Adam, Brett, Justin.
We all got Texas Tommys except Brett
who just couldn't pass up the pecan pancakes.


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