Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2015-06-26 - Friday - Montreal

Friday we explored more of Montreal. We went through the convention center and caught the Metro to the old (1976) Olympic grounds which now house a biodome, a botanical garden, and a planetarium.

The Metro is an underground railway that runs on tires instead of steel wheels. It is clean, fast, and efficient. It's also very smooth by design.

Near the botanical gardens we grabbed some snacks and took a much needed rest, then it was back on the Metro and the Jazz festival.

Later we had some more food at an outdoor cafe and bar in the middle of the festival.

It was a great afternoon with a lot of walking.

Colors in the street...

... from these windows in the convention center.

At the Olympic park.

In the biodome.

The botanical gardens.

Interesting tiled wall in the snack bar.

Walking takes its toll.

Back at the Jazz Festival.




Another jazz stage.

More people arriving.

Crowds on the street.

All kinds of entertainment on each street.


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