Monday, July 20, 2015

2015-06-25 - Thursday - Montreal

Thursday I went on a "Taste of Montreal" tour. It was quite nice and we covered a lot of areas during the course of it. We had food, saw markets, and heard a lot of facts about Montreal. It's a fascinating city with a lot going on. It has a very European feel to it with the sidewalk cafes, the bicycles everywhere, and the mix of old and new architecture. A very nice place to visit.

Schwartz's smoked meat sandwiches.

Imagine pastrami or corned beef,
but marinated for 10 days,
smoked for 8 hours,
and steamed for 4 hours.
Talk about melting in your mouth...

Large, covered market with a lot of local goods.

The first time I had poutine.
It sounds bad, but it's the ultimate comfort food.

In the convention center.

Cirque du Soleil performers.

Pretty building I saw in our travels.


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