Monday, April 6, 2015

2015-04-02 - Thursday - Yard, pots, and moving

I found some more fiddle heads rising in the front yard. We have several different varieties of ferns and they all look different. These are autumn ferns. I like the rust-colored fiddle heads on these.

Thursday a crew showed up to repair a broken water line down the street. They spent most of the day and several hours into the evening getting it finished.

Thursday night I went to Clayworks and threw a couple of pots that I plan on modifying more later. Not sure exactly what I want these pots to do yet.

I retrieved the two pots I had in the salt kiln and was pleased with the results although I thought they were going to be a bit more toasty. I have not figured out the salt kiln and do better with the gas reduction firings.
Bored pots.

Later I moved my stuff off the student shelf and put it all back on my new artist shelves. It took four cartloads and I've almost filled my shelves already. It's amazing how much stuff I had on that small shelf. On to the next adventure.

New name tag.

It looks so empty.

They look so full.


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