Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2015-03-24 - Tuesday - Yard plants and salt loading

Tuesday I checked on the yard again. I really like the way things change from day to day in the spring.  I had to grab another shot of the vinca blooming, more fiddle heads emerging, and the progress of the may apples. Things move fast.

Tuesday night we loaded the salt kiln. It takes many hands and since I got there late I stayed on the periphery, helped where I could and took some photos. We had a good crew and things got done very efficiently.

Deborah and Claudia re-wadding pots.

The Coniferous Forest.

The gas kiln is on the cool down.

Larry, Meredith, and Vince taking pots to the kiln.

The production.

Robert showing off the kiln.

More pots awaiting departure.

One more stack to go.


Chicken kiln god made by Greg on an old thermocouple.


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