Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 16 - Wednesday - EcoFab Fashion show

Wednesday night I went to the Mint Museum to see the EcoFab Fashion show.  My friends Elaine and Penny both designed dresses for the show.  Many people from Clayworks were in attendance and we had quite a cheering section.  The dresses were very well made and the models had fun displaying them.

Some of the Clayworks cheering section in the lobby.

Jose Fumero in one of his own creations.
That's Dorothy on the right.

Minke and Daniel.
Minke is wearing Elaine's dress.

Minke with Elaine, the designer.

"Make sure you get the ankle bracelet!"

The back.

Elaine discussing her work.

This skirt lit up.

This is Penny's dress.

Those are clay leaves on the back that
make a faint wind chime noise with movement.

Hey, there's Minke and Daniel again.

Kim and Rae discussing the whole affair.


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