Monday, October 14, 2013

October 6 - Sunday - Yard stuff

Sunday I did some yard work and wondered again about a series of holes where the neighbors took down a willow oak tree several years ago.  Something has moved in and apparently created a warren with several holes in a three-foot square.  I'm assuming they are chipmunks since we are currently overrun with them.  They are multiplying conspicuously and digging dens all over the property.  I think the neighborhood hawks are falling down on the job and I think the neighbors are killing too many black snakes.

As I was walking past the huge elderberry bush that I've been meaning to remove for about three years, I decided today was the day it needed to leave.  Besides the elderberry, there was a cherry tree, an oak, and another weed tree growing in there.  There was also a lot of porcelain berry, Virginia creeper, and thick poison ivy vine.

Somewhere around four hours after I started, everything was on the curb and I was sore as hell.

But hey, it was done.

Chipmunk holes with my reading glass case for scale.

Elderberry and friends on the curb.

Here's a photo of the elderberry (large bush on the right)
from last May.
After the battle.



Dave Ferraris said...

Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! Hey, that's my parents too. Sorry, when I see elderberry I go immediately to Monty Python. You got a lot done, and apparently the "overdoing it" gene we got from dad is still going strong. God forbid we pace ourselves!

jbf said...