Sunday, May 5, 2013

April 3 - Friday - Kiln and deodorant

I stopped by Clayworks on Friday while running some errands and peeked into the kiln.  It looks like it was a pretty good firing.  I was right chuffed with the results I saw.  We will be unloading it on Saturday morning.  

Can't wait.

I went to Harris Teeter on the way home to pick up groceries and some deodorant.  It took me a moment to find the type of Old Spice I use and I realized it was because there were way too many options on the shelf.  This is absolutely crazy.  I couldn't even get the bottom row into the picture.

It seems like all the products that we've had for years are now available in every possible variation.  Have you looked at Oreos, Triscuit Crackers, or even toothpaste lately?  I recently counted 41(!) different tubes of Colgate toothpaste on the shelf.  Some of the variations were just different sized packages, but there were many different flavors and purposes as well.  It's insane.


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