Saturday, May 11, 2013

May 10 - Friday - Pre-Festival Prep

Well boys and girls, it's time again for the Carolina Clay Matters Pottery Festival (formerly known as the barn sale).  In fact, it's tomorrow (so much for my great blog-marketing skills, eh?).

I have been doing prep work for about six hours now, taking a break to cook and eat dinner.  Patching my shelving, testing my new EZ-Up tent, packing the van, rounding up stray pots, etc.  Oh, and also getting psyched up about the sale.

I love doing sales since I get to talk to people who love pottery.  I can't describe the feeling I get every time I see someone get excited about something I've made.  It's amazing.  I love it when people tell me where they are going to use a piece or how it's going to be displayed.

Folks have purchased my pots for their vacation homes in the Florida Keys and the NC mountains.  They have sent my pots to relatives in the far corners of our country and to their children living in Europe.

I'm proud that people like them enough to give them as gifts.  I feel it's one thing to buy something that you like for yourself and quite another to buy something for a gift.  I think it represents another level of admiration for the pot.  If you like it so much that you are sure the person you are giving it to will also like it, that's pretty high praise indeed.

In the end, the whole process is about feelings.  I love the feeling I get when I'm making pots.  When the creativity is running right it's like channeling energy through you and into the work during each part of the process.

When your work makes other people feel things you've done your job.  If they are enthused about it, that makes me happy and I can get that rush of creative energy about it again.  I also get a touch of pride that other people like my work.

If they are gifting my pots I think about the feelings the buyer has for the recipient and I feel that extra sense of pride about my pots as gifts.

It's all about feelings.

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