Saturday, May 18, 2013

April 17 - Friday - This week

This weekend was originally going to be very hectic, but everything has changed and I now have to fill up my schedule with yard and house work, job work, and probably some clay time.

It will be nice to get some things around the house done since I've been neglecting those things of late.  It's been all I can do to cut the grass every four or five days lately.

At the studio I have been working on another face pot.  I decided to try to make this one a bit happier than the pensive ones I've previously made.  I want my faces to look more real.  Maybe not more realistic, but they need to have a life of their own.  It's a process.

I also made another two-piece pot.  I think this one is more organic looking than the rest.  I shot a video of it to show the contours I put into the neck since I thought a still photo would not show them well enough.

I've also been playing with some of the alternative camera apps I have on my phone.  I've included some of my favorites below.

Actual pot.

"Old Polaroid"


"Andy Pop"


via Andy Pop

Greg with a Wednesday night visitor.


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