Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 4 - Airplanes and trash

I'm getting up there these days.  Sixty is looming ahead in the road.  I guess I could look at it as a barricade or check point, but I prefer to think of it more as a speed bump or maybe even a pothole. 

I used to be really hung up on ages.  Before I was thirty I didn't think I would make it that far because of some of the stupid things I did.  Most of the stupidest things involved cars --like getting every car I owned completely airborne at least once.  (Kids, don't try this at home.  I was lucky on more than one occasion).

Turning thirty was a big deal to me since I really thought I would be expected to grow up.

It didn't happen.

When I was thirty and one day nothing changed.  What a relief.

I'm fine with numbers now --and that's what they are, just numbers.  Internally I still feel like I'm about 18 years old, although perhaps a bit wiser.  My body often lets me know that I'm not that young, but so far I have been able to deal with it's limitations.

What got me thinking about all this tonight was when I was putting out the trash in a light rain.  I rolled the bins out to the curb and enjoyed my special time for a moment.  (I like going out in the driveway/front yard at night.  There is no one about and I have the street all to myself.  I stand there and soak in the breeze and the sounds and I'm all by myself for a few moments.)  I stood and listened to the rain drip and enjoyed the cool, wet air on my face.

And then I turned around, put my arms out like an airplane and banked back and forth down the driveway on my way back inside.



penni said...

Sounds like something Rob would do too. Never a dull moment with him!
Keep having fun!

cynthia said...

Young at heart trumps biological age every time!!

jbf said...

I'm glad to hear Rob does that stuff too. You should try it too!

So true!