Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 2 - Moon shot

I missed the blue moon, but I caught the moon the next night.  It wasn't quite full, but it was close.  I wish I could do more than 80x zoom --just think of the detail I could see.  Sorry about the framing, but I am taking these free hand so it lurches about a bit at 80x.

Be amazed at everything around you every day (or night).  Life is amazing, you just have to notice it.


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Penni said...

We were lucky enough to see the full moon rising over the peaks on Trail Ridge Road over the weekend. It was breathtaking! You would have loved it! Unfortunately no pictures to share!
I know what you mean about still being 18! That's how I feel, but I can't believe how old we are now! I still see Rob as that cute guy of 17 all those years ago!
Have a good week!