Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 3 - Yard Art Day

Monday was Yard Art Day in Charlotte and people put all kinds of great art in their front yards.  I didn't have anything planned so I decided to do some art in my front yard.  I pulled a wheel out there and did what I know best, threw some pots.

I got about an hour in, including setup, until the sky started leaking.  Before the rain one neighbor stopped by to see what I was doing and the folks in two cars waved back to me, but the other twenty or thirty cars never saw me.  Most were too intent on getting out of the neighborhood to run their errands and an unsettling number of them were looking down at cell phones or reaching around near the floor for cell phones.  The non-reachers had their eyes straight ahead, missing anything out of the ordinary that might be happening in the yards they passed.

Things like an old guy throwing pots in his front yard.

I'm not saying that it's any great shakes to watch me throw a pot, there are people that do it way more elegantly than I.  What I'm getting at is how many times in your life do you actually see somebody throwing pots in their front yard?  It's just not that ordinary, even in North Carolina.

Maybe next year I'll try to keep plates spinning on sticks like they did on the old Ed Sullivan show.  I can hear the "Saber Dance" music playing now...


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