Friday, September 14, 2012

September 13 - Catch up

I've been really busy lately as you can see by my neglect here.  Here's a quick catch up post to get us up to today.

I've been busy at work, busy making pots, and generally just running around in circles.

This Saturday is the 8th Annual Mint Museum Potters Market Invitational sale and my friends Hal and Corine are firing their wood kiln, so the day is going to be crazy fun.  I am so pleased to have been invited back to help with this firing after helping with the one in March.  It's a wonderful thing to be a part of and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

On to the last few days...

On 9/8 I started making some traditional shapes
to fire in the wood kiln.

On 9/9 I threw a rim on the larger pot,
but didn't like the way the other one was developing,
so I darted it and made a slab rim for it. 
It's a departure for me and I like it.

On 9/10 (and well into 9/11) I glazed a load of pots
that had been piling up since I missed some kilns.
It took me until 2:00 am, but I got them finished.

This is one of our spray booths.
It's great since they fold flat and store nicely.

My glazing caddy.

On 9/13 I started making some pots using loafers glory.
I thought it was time for a change to some lighter clay.
These pots should glaze differently since this clay
is missing all the iron in the clays I usually use.

I believe that catches us up to today.  Watch for the posts from my upcoming crazy Saturday!



angela walford said...

thats qute a stash you've been workin on...lookin forwsrd to the firing results!! no blowing things up now!!

jbf said...

I have some of them back from two separate firings and have some in a third firing tomorrow. I will take some photos this week. So far, I love them.