Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 9 - Thursday mileage hats and pots

I was sitting at a traffic light (I do that a lot) in Hickory when I looked down and noticed my mileage.  Interesting number.

In the evening I went to Clayworks (something else I do a lot) and after Julie's class left, Justin showed up to trim his large bowl.  He didn't like the way it came out and thought about making a hat.  We both agreed that it was quite fetching.

I threw some pots from recycled clay and it was such a short batch (it had no plasticity and tore easily) that I had to rib it on the inside and outside to make it stand up.  I was originally going for a more "organic" shape, but was forced to make more traditional forms because of the double ribbing.  I guess potters in the old days must have had short clay which caused them to make the forms that we consider traditional.  Oh well, I got it to work with a lot of patience.


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