Friday, August 24, 2012

August 23 - Thursday Picasso, handles, and petals

Thursday afternoon during lunch I went to the Bechtler Museum with Greg to see the Picasso collection before it closed on Thursday night.  I almost missed it, then they extended the run and I almost missed it again.  I'm so very glad I didn't.

It was a small collection of some of his etchings, lithographs, and pottery.  It wouldn't be wrong to put the word "amazing" in front of every one of those items. 

The man could take a paintbrush and with a minimum of strokes create a whole scene with a deep field, fluid movement, and attitude of the subjects.  He can drag your eye around a piece of paper and make you see what he wants you to see when he wants you to see it.  And just when you think you have the intention figured out, you notice another person in the corner of the piece changing the whole idea of it.

If you get a chance to see a Picasso exhibit, even a small one, you will come away with a new appreciation of the man's talent.


Thursday night I put some handles on the pots I made last night.  I added diagonally curved handles to the pot with the spirals since I thought mirroring the spirals worked pretty well.  On the other pot I added stubby, twisted handles and worked them into the body of the pot with a wooden tool like Greg has taught us.

I needed to remove some clay from the bottom of the pot on the right and didn't feel comfortable trying to put it in a chuck to trim it upside down since that would mess up the texture.  I remembered a trick that Doug taught us years ago and applied a thin film of water to the bottom of the pot and stuck it to the wheel head.  I trimmed the bottom using very light pressure so I wouldn't push it off center.  It worked beautifully and I removed a lot of extra clay before breaking the suction by sliding it off the wheel.

I also tried adding some petals to one of my pods.  I like the way it worked and will explore that idea further in future pods.

New handles.


Pod with petals.

I had to stop at the supermarket again tonight so I left a trail.


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Linda Starr said...

Oh I'd love to see that Picasso exhibit I wish I was closer to the museums. Petals on pots, isn't clay fun.