Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 16 - Thursday hawk and VSVs

Thursday the girls noticed our hawk in the backyard as it flew up to a fencepost.  It was pretty antisocial and kept it's back to me the whole time before taking wing and flying to the neighbor's tree.  I love the fact that we have a pair of hawks living in our neighborhood.

In the evening I went to Clayworks to throw some VSVs (Very Small Vessels).  The recent kiln-loading reminded me that we need smaller pieces to go around the larger ones and I like to keep some of these on hand.  You can fit a lot on a bat.



penni said...

We get those hawks in our yard too! I like those pieces that look like acorns(?) in the picture above, they are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Looking through our bird book, it looks like this is a red-shouldered hawk.

jbf said...

Thanks. You may not recognize them when I'm finished with them.

Thanks, I have been wondering which type of hawk it is.