Friday, June 15, 2012

June 6 - Working

Last year Allison McGowan taught a workshop for the Carolina Clay Matters Pottery Guild that I attended.  When it was over I helped her clean up and load out and she gave me some of her special porcelain mix.  She told me it's plasticity would make it throw nicely and I have been looking forward to trying it for quite a while.  I have had to re-slake it twice since it's slept on my shelf for so long.  During that time it has grown what several of us think is algae since it seems too green to be mold.  Allison was absolutely correct, it was wonderful to throw compared to regular helios.  I made a taller pot than I normally can make with porcelain.

I added a large scarab beetle to the simple pot with vermiculite and used nickel chromium wire for the legs and antennae.  I have plans for it later...

Beautiful green porcelain.

Large porcelain piece made from the green clay.

Scarab beetle added.

Still waiting for the "castle" piece to dry.

I have to have music.

Hubert watches the proceedings from his shelf
but chooses not to comment.


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