Friday, March 9, 2012

March 6 - New faces

Tuesday I started another face pot.  I tried some new things with this one and it's another step on the face path.  After working on this one for a while I decided that I need to make the pots larger so I can work on larger features to help refine them.  Since I can't add clay to the outside of the pot and can't really touch the outside too much it limits my efforts when the features are too small.  It's all a process.  I like this little guy and am thinking about a lid for him.  We'll see.

When I got home (way too late) I was struck by the sight of the almost full moon while walking into the house.  I decided to snap a photo of it, but if I went into the house to get my tripod and back out again I would surely wake everyone so I backed up the wall of the garage and braced myself there.  I took about thirty photos to get two that weren't blurry, but getting the two was all that mattered.  This is an unaltered photo --it's exactly the way I framed it in the viewfinder when I took it.  No pushing or cropping required.  If you take a lot of photos some of them have to be keepers.  It's the law of averages, and I always try to obey the law.



penni said...

Very cool picture!

jbf said...


Max said...

Good capture...I have now over 29,000 photos and not one picture of the moon worth keeping!

I am looking forward to seeing your new faces fired.

jbf said...

Thanks! Maybe your standards are a bit higher than mine. :8^)

I hope to make some more so I can fire a bunch 'o faces.