Friday, March 9, 2012

March 5 - A bit of bragging

I'd like to take a time-out on clay for a moment and do a bit of bragging about our great kids.

Meredith is in high school, has always had great grades, and has now been offered a membership in the National Honor Society.  She is currently taking several honor-level classes and is planning on taking AP-level classes next year.

Stephanie is in her first year of college and maintaining a B average with a pretty rigorous class load.  Currently she is thinking about a career in forensic science and is concentrating on biology.

But they are oh so much more than just good grades.  They are warm, fun-loving, generous, compassionate, young women who truly love and care for any animal that walks, crawls, swims, or flies and it's all we can do not to burst with pride on any given day.

We are truly blessed.


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Tracey Broome said...

You are very blessed and I would bet that you are a great dad which makes them such great girls! A girl needs her daddy :)
Brag away, you have good reason!

penni said...

Brag away, sounds like you have wonderful kids and you should shout it from the roof tops! Not too surprised though, look who they have for a dad!

So glad they are doing well!

Max said...

It is a great day to hear of great kids...and a great dad I know!

jbf said...

Thanks for everyone's great comments but all the compliments go to them and their mom. I haven't done much more than cook for them, tell them corny jokes, and bore them with lots of pottery. :8^)

They really are a blessing and I thank God every day for my family.